Chris's #2 Fabulous Flat Brush

Chris Haughey

$3.95 $5.75
SKU: 03-922-2

Chris's Fabulous Flat Brush

The brushes that provide just a little bit more!

Longer bristle equals longer stroke, less reloading, more continuity, smoother stroke, more movement, better results.

Long enough to create long, fluid strokes and short enough for excellent control.

Quality Synthetic Taklon triple filament bristle has bounce, control, long life, and maintains shape.

Sharp chisel edge and square corners provide crisp edges and thinner profile allows for fine lines.

Double sealed handle to prevent swelling and cracking.

Excellent for acrylics, soft enough for watercolor and thinned oils.

Once you use these best selling brushes you won’t want to put them down.