Stencil Basics

How to Stencil:

1. Prepare the surface with sealer, basecoat or stain.
2. Position the stencil and secure with low-tack painter’s tape.
3. Load the stencil brush correctly by wiping your brush over a paper towel to remove excess paint. Too much paint will bleed under stencil preventing crisp, clean lines.
4. Pounce or swirl over stencil to apply paint.  Build color with several light coats.
5. Carefully lift the stencil to remove.
6. Connect voids (or stencil tags) for letter continuity.
7. If desired, sand and/or antique for an aged, primitive effect.
8. Spray or seal with selected varnish to protect.
9. Clean stencils and brushes with warm, soapy water after each use to prevent build up. Gentle scrubbing is recommended to prevent damage to stencils.